The Founder and Developer Team

Rudolf Samuel Mašek

Co-founder & CEO

The creator of the Aqua-reaktor concept, specializes in the development of the our artificial ecosystem and nutrient cycle, the machinery side and engineering solutions for each bioprocessing part, mushrooms (growing and utilizing them) and in researching the possibilities of all the different types of biowaste which could be processed, the possible alternative/specialised types of Aqua-reaktors and visioning the new ideas to work on after Aqua-reaktor is finished.

Filip Dvořáček

Co-founder & CTO

19-year-old student, who loves orienteering, science, and technology. In his focus are technology solutions for the project and ICT.

His biggest aim is to get the Aqua-reaktor beyond Earth.

Dominik Mareš

His main focus are biological and chemical processes in Aqua-reactor, especially what organisms can be found in the system (mainly in bioreactors) and what chemical reactions their products may undergo. Initially his specialization are cultures for bioreactors and inoculums of some green algae species. The Aqua-reaktor is his dream for better and more sustainable Earth, hope we will reach these goals soon.

Fifteen classmates in elementary school

We started to work on our idea in Mladý chemik competition and our trio was included but alone. The other fifteen people were working with us to succeed in the competition. Successfully we achieved second place, they weren’t completely bought by our idea or have other hobbies. But one way or another only we three remained.

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