The Club of Ecology

Our humble research facility is located in the Gymnázium, Pardubice, Dašická 1083 garden and it is not just because we wanted to save money, but because this way it can serve the school and its students as well.

We want to, in cooperation with our teachers, show and explain the ecology of macro and microbiomes to our members of the club. The activistic ecology would not be our primary focus, but the science of different ecologies, natural or man-made, will.

We will be preparing lessons about certain topics and lectures from invited specialists to lecture about topics, we will be discussing at the time. We also want members to try their knowledge in practice, but before that, they need to see some practical examples of functioning experimental ecologies, via aquaponics, biological filters, and different kind of bioreactors, we can show our members how nutrient cycles work, the wonders of microbiology and how are microbes more impactful of our surroundings and ourselves then we realize.

We will also let them try their own experiments with our equipment if it will not be in conflict with our research.

More active and invested members will be allowed to directly help us in our research by helping us take care of our experiments, getting samples, and writing down the data for our database and the ones with an interest in chemistry will be even allowed to conduct analysis of our samples under the oversight of professors in professional laboratories of Pardubice University with a high chance of getting access to equipment and contacts needed for their own experiment but, or to get an internship.

Anyone from Gymnázium, Pardubice, Dašická 1083 and SPŠCH can become a member.